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The Elder Scrolls 6 announcement has only made gamers 'kind of angry'

The Elder Scrolls 6 announcement has only made gamers 'kind of angry'

Spare a thought for the poor gamers

The Elder Scrolls fandom has gone from, “I’m not mad, just disappointed”, back to mad again.

Yet we can’t blame them for this switch in emotions – it’s been several years since that first E3 teaser of The Elder Scrolls VI; since which, few new details have emerged.

What we do know, however, is that it’ll likely be several more years before Bethesda launches The Elder Scrolls VI.

Fans’ concern has only increased, especially with all the Fallout 5 rumours swirling around. Thus, everyone is feeling on edge and mildly ticked off.

A user, who has since deleted their account, posted, “Man, I’m honestly kind of angry that it’s taking over a decade for the next Elder Scrolls.”

Oh, how we long for more The Elder Scrolls VI trailers...

“I understand it’s not as simple as it was in 2012 to make video games but still like it’s almost like they are scared to release extremely hyped games,” they added.

Many others rushed to share their vexation as well.

But is taking its time with a game bad for a publisher to do? Not everyone is convinced.

“Honestly I would be more excited than angry if they pushed the ES6 release to the 2030s,” revealed Redditor oxygenoverdrive.

“If we suppose that Bethesda will try to top BG3 and any other future RPGs released before ES6, we can expect one hell of an Elder Scrolls game.”

Mixed in amongst the anger and excitement is confusion over why Bethesda has waited so long to deliver Skyrims sequel.

“It’s hard to believe with how incredibly successful Skyrim was that they just wait over a decade before releasing a sequel. At this point modders have easily made enough content for multiple full games over, but for some reason it’s not a priority for Bethesda,” commented another fan.

For the majority of gamers, there’s an undercurrent of frustration regardless of how logical delays are.

People just want results. Yet, if the game ends up flopping, they’ll be the first to complain that more time was needed.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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