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'The Batman' Hailed As One Of The Best DC Movies Of All Time

'The Batman' Hailed As One Of The Best DC Movies Of All Time

Reviews for upcoming 'The Batman' have dropped and they are looking good.

People were initially skeptical when vampire pretty boy Robert Pattinson got cast as the Dark Knight. However, signs are looking positive at the moment as The Batman has started to receive rave reviews from critics. The embargo lifted yesterday, 28 February, but we saw a sneak peak at the early reviews last week.

Early quotes such as "Robert Pattinson will be your new favourite Batman" were accidently shared in an Instagram post which was removed shortly after. This led to notable excitement from fans, who heard this new take on the caped crusader would be a lot more violent. People were also happy to see a number of Batman's better known villains would be making an appearance.

Those who haven't taken a look yet can see the official trailer below.

With a score of 87% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes after almost 200 reviews, it falls short of Batman based favourite 2008's The Dark Knight at a juicy 94%, but still puts it up there as one of the better DC films. DC has been very inconsistent with critical success in its superhero films. While films like the Wonder Woman 1984, Batman V Superman, and the original Suicide Squad flopped horribly, they contrast the original Wonder Woman remake, Shazam, and The Suicide Squad which all managed scores in the 90s.

In Unilad's review it concludes "From grin to wince, The Batman is the big-screen light only the dark knight can provide. Reeves and Pattinson deliver the caped crusader’s most brutal movie yet; like a Bat out of hell." However, not all reviews we're completely positive. The Independent says "The Batman is a very good Batman film. To think of it as anything more only leads to delusion or disappointment."

So it seems one to watch when it releases on 4 March, if you are into all those superhero-y type films. Got it.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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