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Upcoming 2023 'swashbuckling action' game is currently free to play on Steam

Upcoming 2023 'swashbuckling action' game is currently free to play on Steam

The charming indie action game En Garde! is currently free to try out on Steam ahead of its August release.

This year’s not-actually-E3 season has been a big one so far, and I’m sure that I’m not the only person getting increasingly concerned about the state of my backlog going forward given how many incredible games are on the horizon right now.

If you didn’t already have your plate full with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (those shrines aren’t going to complete themselves), Starfield is right around the corner, and is looking absolutely enormous. In case you weren’t aware, there’ll be over 1,000 different planets to explore - those completionist times on HowLongToBeat are going to be something, huh? Amongst all the AAA titles releasing though, it can be easy to overlook the indies, and one charming sword-fighting action game is currently free to try out on Steam ahead of its full release later this summer.

Take a look at the trailer for En Garde! here.

En Garde! was officially revealed at the Summer Game Fest last week, and it looks like an absolute treat. Players step into the shoes of the legendary swashbuckler Adalia de Volador, and must master their parrying and riposting skills if they want to take down the Count-Duke and fight against evil.

It’s a light-hearted title with a fun cast of characters and amusing dialogue, and it looks gorgeous with its colourful painted locations. Although it isn’t scheduled to fully release until August, Steam users can currently try out a free demo to experience the fast-paced swashbuckling combat first-hand. Currently, the game is only set to release on PC, so console users are sadly out of luck.

Speaking of swashbuckling, gamers are still waiting for more information about Skull and Bones’ release date. Ubisoft’s upcoming action-adventure game has been delayed a number of times, and is currently set to release at some point during the 2023-2024 fiscal year. Perhaps we’ll finally get an update during the Ubisoft Forward showcase later today? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Axville via Unsplash, Valve

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