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Steam drops six more free games in massive 12 game giveaway

Steam drops six more free games in massive 12 game giveaway

You can currently grab 12 games completely for free from Steam.

If you’re a PC gamer on the lookout for a new freebie, you’re in the right place because Steam has 12 to offer right now. That’s right, 12. Surely that means there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

The first six of those games were revealed yesterday but allow me to recap. Before I dive in, these are all no strings attached freebies. Simply download and enjoy. You can currently gain free access to Ashes to Ashes, Death Roads, Street Sense 2, Grand Emprise, Their Land and Bunker Builder. Personally, I’m intrigued by Ashes to Ashes - a story-driven wild west action-adventure crafted with a beautiful art style. Their Land also looks intriguing if you’re into your The Quarry and Until Dawn-esque mysteries, although this game looks to have a little bit more shooting involved. Today though, Steam have added a further six games to the giveaway pile.

You can sample Ebenezer and the Invisible World for free right now on Steam - and it looks delightful.

You can now play Cat-aclysm, Exorsite, Force of Nature 2, Bee-Man, Untamed Tactics, and Cosmic Coliseum for free. Cat-aclysm is a 3D isometric adventure made in Unreal Engine where players essentially traverse a giant city, seemingly encountering evil robot kitties on the way. The gameplay in the trailer kind of reminded me of Tunic. Next up, we have Exorsite, a third-person shooter that’ll see you embody “an avatar whose soul can leave the body on a mission to resolve a conflict shrouded in mystery”.

Force of Nature II offers you access to the prologue only, but you can see if you enjoy this survival sandbox adventure which is also somewhat of a real-time strategy and resource management sim. Bee-Man is for you if you enjoy the Mario games of yesteryear. It’s a classic pixel-art platformer that looks incredibly nostalgic.

Untamed Tactics is a tactical RPG set in a world of so-called colourful animals. You’ll “relive the legend of Greycoat’s escape into the untamed Wilds in a tale of lost honour.” Finally, Cosmic Coliseum is an action-shooter roguelite which reminds me of Vampire Survivors. There’s no word on how long these games will remain free for, so grab them while you can.

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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