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Steam is giving away six free games right now, no strings attached

Steam is giving away six free games right now, no strings attached

Who doesn’t love a free game? Well, how about six free games on behalf of Steam, who are treating users to a huge giveaway.

Who doesn’t love a free game? Well how about six free games on behalf of Steam, who are treating users to a huge giveaway, no strings attached.

Steam is no stranger to free game giveaways and good deals, as it’s currently giving users the chance to play Tekken 8 prior to its release, as well as an upcoming metroidvania, both for free. The gaming store platform regularly treats it’s players to new titles completely free of charge, that you can download and keep forever.

This time it’s offering six games: Ashes to Ashes, Death Roads, Street Sense 2, Grand Emprise, Their Land and Bunker Builder.

Speaking of Tekken 8, take a look at the game in action below.

Ashes to Ashes will see you “shoot your way to vengeance as the infamous undead gunslinger Quinn del Ramo. In this weird wild west, experience a story-driven action-packed adventure with bullets, magic, and betrayal," while Death Roads: Tournament Prologue will allow you to, “Experience unprecedented car battles by merging the thrill of deadly racing, the strategic depth of deckbuilding, and the unpredictable nature of roguelite gameplay. Select a skilled driver, a powerful vehicle, an arsenal of weapons, and supportive sponsors to conquer tactical challenges.”

Street Sense 2 is perhaps the least interesting of the bunch, unless you're studying for a driving test. It allows users to “get better at driving. You'll experience different driving situations and learn how to deal with them, just like you would in real life.” More excitingly, Grand Emprise lets you “TIME TRAVEL through history to BECOME GOD. Ride dinosaurs, forge tools, sail dunes, and get ready for an adventure into the stars in this prologue to the full game Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival, the popular upcoming survival base building adventure.”

Their Land is "an action-adventure first-person game with puzzles and an exciting story to experience. You play Jeremy, a 19 year old orphan who explores an untrodden island with his much older and more experienced friends, plus Bunker Builder: Prologue is "just part of the gameplay that awaits you in the full version of the game. Plan your work, dig a hole and build a bunker, that will survive anything! Manage safety, needs and moods of your clients, so you can become the best architect and earn a fortune.”

Altogether, the free game selection boasts a varied mix of genres, from third-person shooters, to survival, racing and puzzle games, meaning there’ll likely be something that catches your eye. It’s unclear how long this current offer will last, meaning users will have a limited time to check out the games and decide which ones they’d like to keep, so you better act fast before you miss out on the deals.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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