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Steam permanently delists a cult classic, fans left heartbroken

Steam permanently delists a cult classic, fans left heartbroken

Steam has permanently delisted Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People after Telltale Games lost the IP rights.

Well, this is unexpected news. Steam has delisted a cult classic despite the fact that the game has ‘very positive’ reviews in a move that I’m sure will prove to be disappointing for many.

First, allow me to bring you up to speed on the latest Steam goings-on. Controversial shooter Six Days in Fallujah is set to release after a whopping 18-year hiatus but if that’s not up your alley, you may want to check out a 2017 turn-based tactical gem that is currently completely free to download for a limited time. Elsewhere, it was announced that Steam would soon be getting one of the PlayStation 5’s best exclusives, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart but don’t expect to find the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Mirage on the platform though. You’ll have to seek it out on other PC storefronts. Let’s jump back to that delisted classic.

Speaking of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, take a look at some gameplay in action below.

As reported by ComicBook, the affected title is Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People: Season 1 which was developed by Telltale Games and released back in 2008. The five-episode graphic adventure sees players assume the role of Strong Bad - a character from Homestar Runner. Using point and click mechanics, Strong Bad interacts with other characters and competes in arcade-style minigames.

The game has a respectable score of 76 over on Metacritic. N-Europe wrote, “Bucketloads of humour, an involving and relatively challenging gameplay experience, lots of references and continuity for long time fans, and generally a fun game to play,” while Eurogamer added, “Strong Bad is funny, varied and just the right length for an episodic game.”

It’s a shame then that the game has been delisted but there is a perfectly reasonable explanation. Telltale revealed that they’d lost the IP rights, preventing new sales. They released a statement saying, “Unfortunately, we can no longer support Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. We no longer have the rights to the IP and so we can no longer sell or support the game series. So, whether you've had a dance party with The Cheat or you poked fun at Homestar Runner, you can still download all your episodes from the PC digital storefronts where you bought the game.” It’s the end of an era.

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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