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Steam giveaway makes hit 2017 game free to download and keep forever

Steam giveaway makes hit 2017 game free to download and keep forever

Grab one of 2017's best games for free on Steam right now

I think we can all agree that video games are better when they're free, right? And I mean completely free.

I'm all for monthly free games via services like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass, but proper free games with no strings attached are the one, aren't they?

That's why it's always great to see a stone-cold banger find its way onto Steam for the low, low price of nothing at all.

Just last week we spotted one of 2020's best games was going for free on Steam, and now a hugely underrated and under-appreciated 2017 gem is 100% off on Valve's digital platform.

Turn-based tactical hit Field Of Glory II is currently completely free to download and keep, with no strings attached, as long as you head over to its Steam page and claim it before June 8. And if you've never heard of it? Well, it's free... so what do you have to lose?

Set during the Rise of Rome from 280 BC to 25 BC, Field of Glory II lets players wage battles big and small for or against Rome. You can even indulge in "what-if battles between nations that never actual came into conflict historically, but might have done if the course of history had been different." Sounds like fun.

Field Of Glory II is currently rocking a Very Positive rating on Steam, with players praising its wealth of content, easy to learn mechanics, and old school tabletop inspirations.

"A very honest, turn based, old school wargame," one user review reads. "Better suited to those who have a feeling for ancient history and would like to see the interaction of the units they read about in a game."

There you are then. If you're a history buff looking to indulge in a little bit of classic tabletop-style action, Field Of Glory II could well be for you.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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