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Steam makes critically acclaimed game free to download and keep

Steam makes critically acclaimed game free to download and keep

Steam makes a critically acclaimed video game free to download and keep forever.

Who doesn't love a good freebie, right? Especially when it concerns a critically acclaimed video game that should be played by everyone.

Well, now everyone has a chance to play one such critically acclaimed game all thanks to Steam, and the title in question is the indie darling, Hue. Developed by Fiddlesticks and released in 2016, Hue is a charming puzzle platformer that will no doubt win the hearts of those that play it.

The story of Hue tells the tale of our protagonist, named Hue, who is in search of his mother after she turned into an “impossible colour” as a result of a powerful ring known as the fractured Annular Spectrum, which can alter our perception of colour. In order to progress in the world and solve puzzles, players must utilise a colour wheel to alter their own perception of what seemingly lies before them.

On Metacritic, Hue on PC earned a score of 79 from critics and 7.5 from users. As for on Steam, out of nearly 5,000 reviews, Hue is rated as “Very Positive” with comments such as: “Played this a few years back. Had one of the few trailers that instantly made me buy it,” from pixelbit5. “It's a delightful little puzzle game, easily beatable in a single sitting. Now that it's free, it's more than worth a go.”

“OMG, this is such a hidden Yet Underrated game... I mean this game does not have combat, but the gameplay, puzzle-solving, storytelling, and meaning are impressive... I haven't played another game like this since the Ori and the Forest series. MUST PLAY,” said JFF44.

How do you claim this “delightful little puzzle game” I hear you ask? Firstly, you must have a Steam account. Secondly, simply visit the Hue Steam page and click “Add to Account” for a grand total of zilch!

In related news, Steam is also giving away two other free games, one is a hit from 2017 and the other is described as a 2020 ‘masterpiece.’ So, what are you waiting for? Go and claim those freebies now!

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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