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Starfield's first scored review just leaked early

Starfield's first scored review just leaked early

Starfield's first scored review has leaked online, and it's looking like the game will be exceptional.

Starfield’s first scored review has been accidentally leaked by a Brazilian YouTuber, and the score is pretty high.

Over the last few weeks, reviewers will have received a digital code for Bethesda’s latest IP Starfield, which releases tomorrow for those with early access.

Starfield releases very soon, get hyped with the below live-action trailer

While everything featured within the game is under a heavy embargo, until later today, it hasn’t stopped an avalanche of leaks seeping through onto the wider internet, containing first impressions, leaked gameplay, and even some early review scores.

That was the case for a Brazilian YouTuber, who accidentally leaked their review to their channel. While the video was taken down, fans quickly saw the review, scoured through it, and archived all of its information, including what their opinion of the game was, as well as their final score.

All the details have been uploaded to a Reddit post by the user ​​TibusOrcur, who provided a copy of the video. Fans picked through the video and highlighted the YouTuber’s thoughts on the game, which they heavily praised, especially the starships, which have been a big topic of discussion amongst fans excited to build their own unique designs.

The review also brought up the 30fps lock on Xbox, which the YouTuber played the game on. The framerate cap caused a lot of controversy for the title, leading to some disappointed fans launching petitions to have it changed. Bethesda exec Todd Howard said the reason the game can’t run at 60fps on consoles is because it’d have to sacrifice too much to do so.

Nevertheless, the reviewer said the 30fps was actually quite fluid, and the game does a good job of camouflaging it so it’s barely noticeable.

The YouTuber rounded it off with a final score of 8.5, which might sound low considering the hype surrounding the game, but they apparently have a history of holding Bethesda to very high standards, so fans believe it’s a sign the game is good.

It won’t be long until fans can see what the game is like for themselves, as early access unlocks later today, and the standard release is due out on the 6th of September.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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