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Starfield fans start 60fps petition, may not understand how games actually work

Starfield fans start 60fps petition, may not understand how games actually work

A small group of Starfield fans have started a 60fps petition, despite Todd Howard's explanation as to why that would be a bad idea.

Starfield may just be the most highly anticipated game in the remainder of 2023, although Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is definitely in the running too.

We know that Starfield is set to be huge. The Star Map may just be the biggest thing we’ve ever seen - which is no surprise given that there are over 1,000 planets. Only 10% of these have life on them, but that’s still 100 planets - far more than most games I’ve ever played. I dread to think how long it’s going to take to complete Starfield. In addition to all of this, we know how many romance options the game has, and the file size. Oh and yes, The Adoring Fan is back. One thing that hasn’t gone down well with fans is Starfield’s 30fps frame rate. In fact, some fans have even started a petition demanding 60fps.

Take a look at Starfield’s latest trailer below.

The 60fps petition was started over on and has so far amassed 144 signatures out of an initial goal of 200. The petition reads, “Starfield is a great game and it's sad to see the lost opportunity to add 60 frames in exchange for lower quality. The game has huge potential and the game may even get the Game of the Year. It would be sad to play it without the 60 frames, so please Bethesda, add performance mode.”

Signers added their own thoughts. “Launching this game at 4k30fps will potentially lower the standard for current-gen games to not include performance mode, which was a major selling point for the Xbox series X and PlayStation 5,” wrote one person in agreement.

The issue is that Starfield is such a massive game that running at 30fps actually makes for a better experience - not a worse one, contrary to popular belief. Todd Howard recently explained this. “We never looked at taking features away - our focus is on delivering all of that,” Howard said. “Ultimately, look, we boil it down to we wanted the consistency. [The] game is running great, but we don’t want players to ever think about it. We have obviously seen other games that have performance modes, and we lean toward consistency overall, and we talk to our fans and hear that from everybody."

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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