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Starfield confirms the number of romance options

Starfield confirms the number of romance options

Bethesda chief Todd Howard confirms the number of romance options in Starfield.

Love is in the air. Well actually, in the case of Starfield, love is most certainly in the stars.

It doesn't have to be Valentine’s Day (also my birthday) to show your loved one some sweet McLovin. While often the cringiest segments in video games, we’re looking at you Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain and the Mass Effect series, gamers often like to show their sensitive side to a favoured NPC. However, you can bet your last quid that the moment some sweet McLovin is on the screen, the wrong family member is going to walk into the room, raising all awkwardness to 10+.

Take a look at the latest trailer for Starfield below.

As reported by TwinInfinite, when speaking on the latest episode of the Kinda Funny Games podcast, Bethesda chief Todd Howard revealed some juicy romance details for the upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield, including how many romance options you will have.

In total, there will be four Constellation crewmates for you to woo. What’s more, each of the crewmates will come with their own unique quests. Additionally, relationships are said to be “more complex” then other Bethesda games in regard to NPC’s opinion of you. It will be possible to temporarily upset a partner. So in other words, if you upset the NPC, it will be possible to patch things up. Maybe with some make-up…no, I won’t say it.

“So we have a number of companions, but for them, we go… I won't say super-complex-romantic, but more complex than we've had in terms of not just some, you know, state of they like you or they don't like you”, explained Howard. “But they can be in love with you and dislike something you did, and be pissed at you temporarily, and then come back to loving you. As opposed to just drifting out of that [romantic] status you're in a temporary 'I don't like what you did' state.”

In related news, Howard also confirmed that Starfield is a ‘modder’s paradise’ and the game would have to sacrifice too much to run at 60fps, following confirmation that it will only run at 30fps on Xbox.

So there you have it, the player can become the playa in Bethesda’s sci-fi extravaganza. Starfield will be released exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X|S on 6 September 2023.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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