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Starfield performance leak is bad news for PC gamers

Starfield performance leak is bad news for PC gamers

Just keep thinking positive thoughts, these leaks don't officially confirm anything

Welp. Starfield performance leaks for PC are dividing players as they navigate the mixed feelings of flagging CPUs, potentially needing better tech, and whether the hype for the game is well-placed.

Before we dive into the latest leaks, I would suggest anyone who wants to experience the game fresh, without any external factors influencing/guiding them, leave this article alone. Although we’re not about to go into great detail and spoil things for you, my words will undoubtedly give you insight into what PC fans can expect (according to these two leaks). So, once again, I say turn back now if you want a clean slate.

Check out the live action Starfield trailer right now!

The PC performance leaks dropped on Reddit in spectacular style, with thorough commentary, videos, and opinions from the two leakers in question. I want to start by saying that, according to the details we have, the initial findings from these players are positive – “Performance is smooth tho imo, haven't touched settings too much; no stutters as well,” they shared. “Game is pretty good, GOTY nominee for sure.”

But (why must there always be a but), there are some issues that are causing PC gamers to worry about Starfield. Primarily, that it’ll “eat CPUs”, assuming you’re not already upset by the “lacklustre visuals” as one disgruntled Redditor described the graphics. Reportedly, the game runs between 45 and 60fps, with the latter end normally reached when traversing dungeons. Still, for a lot of gamers, this isn’t what they want to hear, despite them knowing that only top-end tech will suffice when running a game as big as Starfield.

“Bruh, I’m hoping the best for my 1080. I’m completely ok with 1080p, but it needs to be at least 60fps on medium-high,” said dudemandudeify in response to all the different videos uploaded on the thread. The thing is, though, that 60fps might be wishful thinking, as RodThrashcok explained, “King, idk if you’re gonna get your 60fps wish. I’ve got a 3060 and I’m just praying for a solid 30fps at high settings lmao.”

While the naysayers are having a field day with this “bad news”, others are much more optimistic, like user Professional_Way4977. “With those settings, at that res, with those specs, even when using FSR, I think is overall some pretty impressive performance, especially coming from Bethesda... and especially being a game for PC in 2023.” They make a valid point; Bethesda is known for slightly janky games. We love those games, warts and all, but they’ve never really been the most polished when compared with other titles.

If nothing else, Starfield is proof that the devs have really pushed the boat out to make a stellar sci-fi RPG, and, for the most part, it seems to have paid off. Of course, we’ll have more to share with you once the review embargo lifts, but for now, maybe we should all press pause on the panic this game is causing…?

Starfield will officially launch on 6 September for Xbox and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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