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Stardew Valley meets Skyrim in incredible new farming RPG

Stardew Valley meets Skyrim in incredible new farming RPG

Stardew Valley and Skyrim meet in the most cosy farming RPG

For two very different reasons, players like to immerse themselves in beloved games such as Stardew Valley and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. That being said, both offer unique fantasy adventures in different ways.

Yet, what if we could fuse the likes of indie darling Stardew Valley and Bethesda sensation Skyrim into one incredible new farming RPG? Well, it seems that what we’ll be getting with the upcoming Cozy Keep: Farm, Craft, Manage. Which seems to be very on the nose to what kind of game this intends to be.

Check out the trailer for Cozy Keep: Farm, Craft, Manage below!

Developed by Unbossed Games and published by Tribal-Storm, Cozy Keep: Farm, Craft, Manage is a simulation RPG in which you play the role of a shopkeeper in a fantasy world, perhaps inspired by the likes of The Elder Scrolls series. In this charming indie title you will not only manage your shop (which has a cat by the way) but also clean, build, decorate, gather resources, craft and much more. The game looks like it might have a surprising amount of depth and its visuals are oddly welcoming.

“Experience the daily life of a shopkeeper! Clean and decorate the place, pay taxes, gather resources and craft products that can be sold for maximum profits! Explore the world, hunt, and cultivate the land! Own the best shop in the region and save your father from the wrath of the King,” reads the description on the Steam store.

At the time of writing, Cozy Keep: Farm, Craft, Manage does not have a release date. However, its dedicated Steam store page indicates that it’s coming soon on PC. So hopefully it will arrive in the coming months. Until that day arrives, be sure to wishlist it on Steam to be notified of its launch and you can even check out its free playable demo right now.

Featured Image Credit: ConcernedApe/Tribal-Storm

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