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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor finally landing on last-gen consoles

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor finally landing on last-gen consoles

Fans have been waiting for a while

It has been a long time coming for players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is finally coming to last-gen consoles.

Until now the second game in the Jedi series had been exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles leaving a lot of older players in the dust and wanting to continue on with Cal Kestis’ journey.

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Having several console generations on the go at once is a bit of a juggling act for developers as they want to showcase their games to the widest audience possible. This has been tough for many as older consoles don’t feature the power needed for the latest games.

While it was mentioned that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor would make it to older consoles, it has been absent until now, and it was largely forgotten about.

That is until a recent update from Brazil’s rating board that the game would indeed finally make it to the previous generation.

This is welcome news for many and it joins a wealth of titles attempting to straddle both generations of hardware. It’s amazing that it has taken this long given the popularity of the series.

Both the of the Jedi games were well-received and have become fan favourites since release with many believing that a third game is currently being worked on to finish out a trilogy.

Star Wars is such a powerhouse franchise that getting the game into more hands should have been a priority, however, splitting programming teams over two versions of the game isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Thankfully, fans can breathe a sigh of relief and play the game soon, although official confirmation and a release date are yet to be seen. Let’s hope the wait isn’t too long, seeing as fans have waited long enough.

Featured Image Credit: EA, Microsoft

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