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Star Wars goes full Resident Evil in this free horror game

Star Wars goes full Resident Evil in this free horror game

Star Wars horror has us sold

It’s odd that Star Wars has never embraced the horror of the galaxy. The franchise has hopped around sub-genres over time, including westerns with The Mandalorian, yet they’ve never looked to scare the audience.

There’s no reason they couldn’t, horror can be a part of Star Wars and has been used as a storytelling framework in the comics and books, but not in games.

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So, it fell to one fan to create a horror game based on a star destroyer drifting through space, seemingly overrun by zombies.

Deathtroopers is being hosted on and can be played for free. It’s a short demo that works as a proof of concept - a zombie virus is taking over stormtroopers and causing chaos. It’s simple and the atmosphere is scary.

Just one look at the trailer will have you hooked on this score attack, horde mode game. It’s exciting and will have you on the edge of your seat. But it leaves us wanting so much more.

Imagine a film that really leans into the idea of resurrecting stormtroopers after death, or a game that plays like Alien Isolation, or perhaps Resident Evil and gives us a haunted feeling on a space station.

It would make a killing. Of course, it’s unlikely Disney would go down this route as Star Wars has always been a family franchise, but with them embracing R-ratings for Marvel, it only makes us yearn for more.

This wonderful demo shows what could be done with a simple idea and it would be great to see the creator flesh it out a little more, perhaps with some story elements.

Sci-fi horror works so well and there are plenty of characters from the Star Wars canon that dabble in darker aspects of the force, so the vine is ripe for picking if Disney wants to expand.

Featured Image Credit: Stefano Cagnani

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