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Star Wars 1313, the cancelled Boba Fett game, may be coming back after all

Star Wars 1313, the cancelled Boba Fett game, may be coming back after all

Some believe that the cancelled Star Wars 1313 game starring Boba Fett may be coming back after all.

There’s probably not much worse for a gamer to be super-excited for an upcoming release only for it to be cancelled without remorse.

A few that still pain me to this very day include Silent Hills, Scalebound, Prey 2 and the topic of discussion for today, Star Wars 1313. Developed by LucasArts, Star Wars 1313 was announced at E3 2012 and would be an action-adventure centred on legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett during his early years.

However, just a year later in 2013, it was unceremoniously cancelled, never to be seen again. Both the name of the game and the year in which it was pulled from life support, certainly add a level of cruel irony.

Well, we did actually see some of the cancelled project years later as gameplay for Star Wars 1313 had leaked on the internet in January 2022. While the gameplay was of course outdated with it being a decade old, it still painfully reminded fans of the franchise what could have been.

Sadly, there has been no official sign that the project might be revived, despite Lucasfilm and Disney expanding the Star Wars video game licence outside of just Electronic Arts which will include the likes of Ubisoft, Quantic Dream and Skydance New Media.

We are also supposed to be getting a Knights of the Old Republic remake coming to PC and PS5, however, reports indicate that this game is facing a very troubled development indeed.

Yet, with the Star Wars licence pretty much being an open house for developers, could we one day see the 1313 project revived? Apparently, as reported by GGRecon, it might be making a triumphant comeback.

So why are some believing that Star Wars 1313 is being revived? We mentioned earlier that one of the studios that are making a Star Wars game is Skydance New Media. This studio is led by industry legend and former developer of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, Amy Hennig.

In a report on, Skydance New Media has recently employed Dominic Robilliard as a game director to help both the studio's upcoming Star Wars and Marvel projects. Oh, and Robilliard was also the game director of Star Wars 1313. This is why fans are putting two and two together, and to be honest, it makes perfect sense.

At this time, the most recent Star Wars project we have seen is Ubisoft’s Outlaws. As of right now, we haven't seen any gameplay from the Skydance New Media offering, so it’s essentially a secret. So if the rumours are true and there’s no smoke without fire, could Amy Hennig really be reviving Star Wars 1313? Only time will tell.

Featured Image Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

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