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Star Citizen players furious with 'embarrassingly bad' update

Star Citizen players furious with 'embarrassingly bad' update

Star Citizen players have called the game's latest update 'embarrassingly bad' after it caused mass outages.

Oh dear, the Star Citizen saga continues. That’s right. Cloud Imperium Games’ upcoming title is still stuck in a seemingly never-ending development period and if this latest Alpha update is anything to go by, Star Citizen won’t be getting a full launch window any time soon. Fans are furious with the ‘embarrassingly bad’ update.

The story begins in 2010 which is when the space trading and combat simulation title entered development. Since then, Star Citizen has raised almost $500,000,000 from supporters. You’d think with that amount of money development would be no problem. BoredGamer estimated in 2019 that Cloud Imperium Games had spent at least $320,100,00 on development costs including marketing, publishing and administration costs. The issue is, fans are wondering how the latest update can be so dire when so much money has been thrown at this project.

Take a look at what the latest update promised in the video below.

As reported by PC Gamer, since the arrival of the latest update on Friday, players have struggled to log in to the Alpha with major outages reported. It’s ironic because the update was intended to nudge Star Citizen closer to being in a fully-releasable state - although some have argued that the game has been ready for years. The update was due to add “immersive careers, stunning locations, and thrilling gameplay” in addition to introducing “Persistent Entity Streaming.” This essentially allows players to ‘leave their mark’ on the game’s universe by having items remain after death and introducing the salvaging profession.

Those who attempted to check out the update struggled to gain access. Instead, they saw error codes and unsuccessful login attempts. On Monday, CIG took the game offline to apply “a series of modifications”. The game is now live again and while its stability has been improved, “partial outages” remain.

Needless to say, players aren’t impressed. Reddit user AdmiralGrogan wrote, “Dozens of login attempts. Managed to get in once for 10 minutes and nothing could be interacted with. Terminals didn’t work, ship controls, missions, nothing - and then a 30K crash. This is embarrassingly bad, even by Star Citizen standards.” Ouch.

Featured Image Credit: Cloud Imperium Games

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