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'Star Citizen' Has Raised Nearly Half A Billion And The Game's Still Not Out

'Star Citizen' Has Raised Nearly Half A Billion And The Game's Still Not Out

Good things come to those who wait. Right? Tell me I'm right. Please.

Star Citizen, the space trading and combat simulation title that has been in development since 2010, has raised almost $500,000,000 from supporters and there is still no specified release window for the game.

As you can see, there are no further funding goals for the game on its official website, not beyond $65,000,000, which is more than any game could ever aim for anyway. BoredGamer estimated that Cloud Imperium Games spent $320,100,000 on development costs in 2019 including publishing and marketing, contracted developers, general administration, capital expenditure and investments and miscellaneous other costs. That's over half of its total raised, and ultimately, the company has to start compensating its current deficits. The most straightforward way to do so, some might argue, is release the game that it's been working on for the past ten years.

Here's the most recent trailer for Star Citizen, promoting everything that was new to the game in its Alpha 3.14 patch in 2021.

Too easy. It's difficult to discern the overall mood of the Star Citizen community, too, as it is technically possible to give the game a go even though it's not out yet. There are two avenues into the game - the Aurora MR or the Avenger Titan starter packs - which get you a digital download of the game as well as a gathering of other goodies for either $45 or $70. You'll also benefit from the regular patches and additions that the developer rolls out. Players are pleased with the visuals of the sci-fi epic... but there is an entire salty subreddit for those who refunded their investment in the game.

There are a lot of games that are in early access at the moment and that's a very handy method to collect fan feedback and respond accordingly. However, these games are not Star Citizen which has fielded lawsuits for the lack of return on fans' investment and continual snipes at the efficiency of the developer.

Featured Image Credit: Cloud Imperium Games

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