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Splinter Cell Remake Will Tell A Modern Story, Says Ubisoft

Splinter Cell Remake Will Tell A Modern Story, Says Ubisoft

This should satisfy those who are hankering for a new take on the Splinter Cell world.

In its upcoming Splinter Cell remake, Ubisoft is looking to tell a story suited "for a modern-day audience." This seems to suggest the guy with the military goggles with highly advanced night and thermal vision and a weapon that shoots remotely operated cameras that can be used to see what he can't where he's standing wasn't that modern in the first instance.

I jest. The plot in the original game featured a fictional conflict between Georgia and the United States which has been spurred on by a rogue collective of Chinese soldiers, culminating in the recovery of nuclear bomb that was planted by the Georgian president to wreak devastating havoc on the United States. The news that the story will be changed in the remake, therefore, should appeal to those who are hankering for a new Fisher adventure. It'll just come in the wrapping of the original game.

Check out a deep dive into the remake right here, featuring commentary from Ubisoft producers, directors and game designers!

Thanks to PSU who spotted the detail in a posting for a scriptwriter at Ubisoft Toronto, we now know that the team will be "using the first Splinter Cell game as [its] foundation" to "[rewrite] and [update] the story for a modern-day audience." It added that the "spirit and themes of the original game" will be maintained while "exploring our characters and the world to make them more authentic and believable."

With regard to what form this story will take, I imagine that Ubisoft will keep that close to their chests for the time being as the remake is in the very early stages of development. Still, if that scriptwriter opening caught your fancy, then why not give it a go?

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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