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Splinter Cell remake teases 'photorealistic' graphics

Splinter Cell remake teases 'photorealistic' graphics

Current gaming technology could elevate this game beyond fans' wildest dreams.

It looks like the upcoming Splinter Cell remake will see "highly detailed and photorealistic character models and textures" in the newest version of the game, elevating the original's visuals to a staggering level in comparison.

Ubisoft's ambition with the remake is to "make sure the spirit of the early games remains intact in all of the ways that gave early Splinter Cell its identity" while modernising the game for the expectations of both veteran and new players. "We can look back at the plot, the characters, the overall story of the game [and] make some improvements - things that might not have aged particularly well, small things," clarified Chris Auty, creative director, in a recent developer roundtable.

Pop your rose-tinted spectacles on and check out the trailer for the original 2002 game below!

All of this is of course ambrosia to starved Splinter Cell fans, yet it's unlikely that we'll see gameplay or even a trailer for some time as the team soldier on with their lofty goals. We are, however, able to judge just what that trailer might look like.

Spotted by Emopulse, Ubisoft Toronto is seeking a senior character artist who will be able to lend their skills to create "highly detailed and photorealistic 3D character models and textures for use in-game, including heads, hair, and clothing." Fans are already frothing at the mouth at the prospects that this might have for the art direction of the game.

"Light and shadow were such integral parts of the original Splinter Cell games - revisiting those ideas with modern gaming tech sounds like a blast!" enthused one. "Sh*t could look like play dough and i still would play the sh*t out of it, I NEED another Splinter Cell game," added another. Well, there's an idea. A claymation Splinter Cell. It's a bit late now, I appreciate that, but I think there's definitely legs in that concept.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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