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Skyrim speedrunner reaches level 80 and kills Ebony Warrior in under 12 minutes

Skyrim speedrunner reaches level 80 and kills Ebony Warrior in under 12 minutes

One YouTuber has set a Skyrim speedrunning world record

The speedrunning community is beating records once again and this time it is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which is getting the speedy treatment.

With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim having been out in the world for over 10 years, it is no surprise that fans are finding new and exciting things to do in the Bethesda RPG. One such thing is speedrunning and with the game featuring over 200 hours of content, this is no easy feat.

Check out the official trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim below!

However, Skyrim speedrunner and YouTuber nucular has achieved just that by reaching level 80 and killing the infamous Ebony Warrior in just 11 minutes and 47 seconds.

This achievement sees nucular beat the world record which was previously held by fellow YouTuber Waz who reached the same point in just a few minutes extra - 14 minutes and 27 seconds back in 2021.

The new world record holder took to r/speedrun to share the news, saying: “Skyrim - Ebony Warrior in 11:47 by me (prev: 14:27 by Waz) - I made a new route, thanks to the discovery that super stacking is possible with regular gold rings as a Khajiit vampire”.

If you didn’t know, the Ebony Warrior is a legendary enemy that only appears when your character hits level 80. Reaching this level would usually take at least a few dozen hours of gameplay but as you can see, nucular met with the foe after just 11 minutes.

The speedrunner credits this feat to making use of a few exploits such as rapidly increasing their Alchemy, Speech and Enchanting skills to gain more experience as well as boosting Heavy Armour and Block via the skill tree.

Additionally, nucular has posted a separate video explaining a glitch used to make high-powered potions as well as why they chose the Khajiit vampire race in order to beat the world record.

That is not all for the YouTuber who claims the speedrun can be done in less than ten-minutes and they will keep pushing until they achieve it. We wish them good luck!

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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