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Skyrim player uncovers hidden quest after 5 playthroughs that's one of the game's best

Skyrim player uncovers hidden quest after 5 playthroughs that's one of the game's best

How do we keep missing all these details?

No matter how many times we play a game, we can still miss quests that end up being some of the best in the entire adventure.

One player admits to doing just that after five playthroughs of Skyrim. That’s right, five.

It may seem improbable to miss such a beloved quest, but given where and how this storyline is triggered, it makes sense this fan was left in the dark for so long.

On a thread that starts with the question about the “most overlooked quests” of Bethesda’s RPG, one user responded with ‘The Rise in the East’.

So, how did this individual miss such a brilliant quest? It’s quite simple, really. They didn't think to look there.

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“I literary found it [‘The Rise in the East’] by accident on my, like, fifth playthrough. It was so cool; crazy that you can miss it that easy,” remarked j0nas_42.

Another player also admitted how easy it is to miss, saying, “This quest is very cool but is so easy to miss cause you had to go in a building that had nothing other than this quest.”

This feels like an appropriate time to remind gamers that they’re often rewarded for their exploration.

Not everyone is concerned about searching every inch of the map, but for the completionists among you, there’s nothing sweeter than finding all secrets.

Although this quest is commonly overlooked, it’s by no means the only aspect of the game that's ignored or unknown.

Recently, one Elder Scrolls player discovered a hidden combat move we genuinely didn’t know existed.

If you’re certain you know everything there is to know about the game, have you tried killing all of Skyrim’s NPCs just because you can? One player did upon embracing the darker side of RPG life.

There's much to still do in this game, regardless of how many times you’ve played it. And if you’ve yet to play the previously mentioned quest, now would be the time to correct that mistake.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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