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'Skyrim' Mod Adds Six New Islands, Is The Size Of A Full DLC

'Skyrim' Mod Adds Six New Islands, Is The Size Of A Full DLC

One modder has been working on a huge, DLC-sized addition to Skyrim, which you can download and play right now.

Not to alarm anyone, but we’re now three quarters of the way through 2022, and we’re still no closer to knowing when the next Elder Scrolls game is going to release. Sure, we know it’s happening, and we did know it was going to take years to come out, but it’d still be nice to be shown even a little peek. Come on, Todd Howard, you know you want to.

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Anyway, if you were looking for a way to pass the time until The Elder Scrolls VI actually exists, have we got the mod for you. As reported by DSOGaming, one modder, who goes by Tasheni, has been working on an absolutely colossal DLC-sized mod for Skyrim, and it recently got a new update. 

The Pride of Teia is an update to the modder’s existing project, The Isles of Teia. The mod includes six islands to explore, and now includes a massive ship to sail around with, complete with a fully functioning cabin and basement. 

“The Isles of Teia, a world somewhere lying between the Sea of Ghosts and the Eltheric Ocean. Six main isles to explore, two dungeons, a lot of wildlife and underwater life,” the updated mod’s description reads. “Comes now with The Pride of Teia, a big sailable ship and player home. Sail in Teia or in Skyrim, from Dawnstar to Castle Volkihar and take your companions with you.”

You can download the original mod from Tasheni’s website, here, and the Pride of Teia update from NexusMods

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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