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Skyrim meets Dark Souls in this outstanding free download

Skyrim meets Dark Souls in this outstanding free download

Who got this Dark Souls in my Skyrim?

You might be eyeing up your next playthrough of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim but find yourself wanting more. Of course, this is where the modding community steps up and offers a range of additions. With this mod by ‘TheDriedFinger’ you can overhaul Skyrim’s already brilliant combat and give it a Dark Souls edge.

Taking the combat from first-person to third-person always changes things up, but when you inject it with a Dark Souls poise system, as well as giving you a stamina gauge and increased attacking mechanics, this overhaul will refresh your entire experience.

Soulslike gameplay can make any game feel fresh and new

Taken from the mouth of the creator, the ‘Dark Souls Combat System’ “is a mod for Skyrim meant to bring core elements of the combat system of the Soulsborne series (the Souls series and Bloodborne) to Skyrim.” The mod is designed to be played in third-person due to the nature of Soulslike combat and uses the modder's previous poise system as a base.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this mod, players can now utilise the rolling mechanics made famous in the Souls franchise which is often used to dodge major attacks from enemies. The player’s roll will be dictated by the weight of character, stamina, and environmental effects. This brings a whole new edge to Skyrim’s battles.

Stamina management is a large part of this mod. Something that Soulslike titles are often based around, managing how you use stamina can completely change how you approach a fight, and adding this to Skyrim will make each fight feel like a new encounter.

It’s worth noting, this mod requires your PC to have some heft. The mod only works on gaming rigs that can run Skyrim at 40fps or higher due to the scripting of the mod. If you can check this box and want a new experience, then you should give this mod a try.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware, Microsoft

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