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Skate gameplay revealed by EA, free console playtest announced

Skate gameplay revealed by EA, free console playtest announced

The playtest starts later this year

While we’re no closer to an actual release date for the game, fans of Skate now know exactly when they might be able to give the game a shot if they’re playing on a console platform.

Console playtesting for Skate will be happening this summer, and will be free to anybody who is accepted. It’s likely that these are intended to test the strength of multiplayer servers, and above all else to figure out what in the game still needs to be fleshed out. Indeed, they’ve actually been going on for a while, with PC playtests starting last year, but this is the first chance that console players will have to actually play the game. There's also no word currently on whether or not the game is still free-to-play, as was indicated when the game was first revealed over two years ago now. What we do know, however, is the platforms that the game will be releasing on, those being PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Take a look at the game's latest gameplay below.

What will likely come as an upsetting piece of news to fans who have been waiting for over a decade for a new title in the series, is that there’s still not news on a potential release date. Indeed, there’s not even any indication that we might be seeing a full release in the next year, with just the console playtesting being offered as solace.

Still, fans got a very funny live action trailer with Tim Robinson, showing off the cruelty of the corporation only known as M-Corp. There’s also an official M-Corp website currently online, which might have secrets hidden in it for fans to seek out, though we’ve not yet managed to find anything that might relate to the new game.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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