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Silent Hill: Ascension announced in harrowing new trailer

Silent Hill: Ascension announced in harrowing new trailer

Konami have officially announced Silent Hill: Ascension - a new game in the Silent Hill series.

This is not a drill - Silent Hill is finally back, a full decade since its last instalment was released. 

Tonight (19 October), during the Silent Hill Transmission, Konami announced a remake of Silent Hill 2, and also Silent Hill: Ascension - a brand new game in the series which promises "a whole new experience".

Feast your eyes on the trailer for Silent Hill: Ascension below.

Ascension was described as a "live, real-time interactive series where millions of fans will watch together as the chilling story unfolds". The decisions players make can influence both life and death in the story - the game will apparently give the fanbase "the chance to shape Silent Hill canon forever". Intriguing, huh?

It feels like we’ve been seeing rumours about the next Silent Hill game forever now, so it’s strange to think that the wait is finally over - albeit with a title I'm not sure anyone was expecting. Earlier this year, people noticed that the Silent Hill website domain ( had expired, and had been claimed by someone else clearly not affiliated with Konami. Visiting the website simply displays a screenshot of a tweet from Silent Hill artist Masahiro Ito, which reads: “I wish I hadn’t designed fxxkin Pyramid Head.” As funny as this is, at the time, it certainly didn’t seem like a good sign of the franchise being alive, but thankfully we had nothing to worry about.

Silent Hill: Ascension goes live in 2023, and is being developed by Genvid, Bad Robot, Behaviour and DJ2. What's more, J.J. Abrams is directing. Yes, really - the director of The Rise of Skywalker is now working on Silent Hill. That's not a sentence I expected to write today.

"Genvid's experience presents a wild, epic, and innovative new way to immerse yourself in the horrors of Silent Hill," Abrams said in a statement.

Featured Image Credit: Konami, Genvid

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