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Resident Evil fans surprised by leaked release they've been begging for

Resident Evil fans surprised by leaked release they've been begging for

Could this lead to more classic Resident Evil?

While not the originator of survival horror, when the first Resident Evil was released in 1996 it most certainly helped to put this new sub-genre on the map and Capcom hasn't looked back since.

Arguably, the Resident Evil series is hotter now more than ever. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always been an iconic and popular series from the get-go, but since the launch of the original Resident Evil 4 in 2005, the series garnered a new legion of fans thanks to RE4’s near-perfect blend of horror and action.

Check out the Resident Evil trailer below!

Then when we were graced with the Resident Evil 2 remake in 2019, it introduced even more fans to the Capcom series but now the developer/publisher looks to capitalise on the recent success by introducing new fans to some of the old-school entries.

As spotted by Gematsu, the original Resident Evil has been rated in Europe. It’s worth noting that the original Resident Evil had already launched on PC in 1996 but over the years, it became obsolete on the platform and fans have been dying for its return.

Resident Evil is available to play on modern PlayStation consoles but it looks like it's making a triumphant return on PC, yet, could there be more to this rating? Regardless of the platform, whether it be PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch, fans are eager to see the original trilogy remastered on modern platforms.

While this rating may simply be a re-release for the original game only on PC, many are hoping that it might lead to the original versions of Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 benefiting from a remastered collection.

We can only speculate at this time until Capcom makes an official announcement, but just maybe, old-school Resident Evil fans might be about to get their long-awaited wish. We’ll keep you posted if we hear of further developments on this story.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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