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Resident Evil collides with Battlefield in this WW1 zombie horror

Resident Evil collides with Battlefield in this WW1 zombie horror

A new game has popped up on Steam that could interest fans of both shooters and horror games

A new game has cropped up on both Steam and Kickstarter that looks to combine the horror elements of classic Resident Evil games with the warfare of the Battlefield and Call Of Duty series of games, and it looks really cool.

"Trench Tales immerses players in a hauntingly beautiful yet war-torn universe, where darkness reigns and mysteries lurk around every corner. You step into the shoes of the lone warrior, summoned to this desolate realm by enigmatic forces, with a mission shrouded in secrecy. Your purpose: to unravel the enigma of your summoning, confront the malevolent powers that brought you here, and ultimately, carve a path back to your world. Navigate through treacherous landscapes, uncover secrets, and battle relentless foes as you embark on an unforgettable journey of survival, discovery, and redemption," the official Steam store page for the game reads.

The game also provides players with a set of powers, with the store page stating that the player has "the ability to slow time, unleash burst energy, and heal wounds swiftly". There's also a power that allows players to see through walls and reveal where enemies are, akin to the Detective Vision in the Batman: Arkham series of games.

The current Kickstarter for the title has already fulfilled its full pledge goal of £47,401 and shot past it, currently sitting at £70,099 at the time of writing. With 20 days still left to go, it's likely than the game will shoot past where it is currently, possibly even doubling the current listed goal.

The next listed stretch goal for the game is at $100,000, and is a 'body parts dismemberment system' which is described as allowing for "visceral combat like never before with body parts dismemberment system. Every blow will have weight as limbs and appendages can be severed in combat."

Featured Image Credit: Trench Tales

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