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Resident Evil 2 remake first-person mod is basically whole new game

Resident Evil 2 remake first-person mod is basically whole new game

The mod affords an entirely new perspective to the horror title

A new mod has completely changed the perspective of a beloved entry in the Resident Evil franchise, and essentially changes the game into something completely different.

The mod, available on NexusMods and created by mod developer praydog, basically switches the way that the camera works in Resident Evil 2 remake. There's not a ton more to it, really, it just embraces the style of gameplay that the newer Resident Evil titles have embraced, and allows you to play through a classic adventure in that style. It feels like a new game in many ways, while also being intensely familiar, especially if you've played through these games again and again like a lot of long-time series fans have.

The actual official Resident Evil series didn't embrace first-person as a gameplay style until the 2017 release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. That game was released a full five years after Resident Evil 6 released to middling reviews, and it can't be understated how big a deal it was that the series changed how it plays. This change continued into 2021's Resident Evil Village, and will likely continue into the future of new Resident Evil releases, while the remakes of the classic Resident Evil games such as the aforementioned Resident Evil 2 stick to the third-person camera angle that is much more directly related to Resident Evil as a franchise.

With the advent of this mod, and the (relatively) recent release of Resident Evil 4, it's likely that we see more and more first-person mode mods crop up over the coming year, bringing with them whole new ways to play classic titles, and also bringing in an entire cadre of fans who wouldn't normally play the older titles due to them being in third-person.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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