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Red Dead Redemption Remake development unpaused as we near GTA 6 release, insiders say

Red Dead Redemption Remake development unpaused as we near GTA 6 release, insiders say

The development of the Red Dead Redemption remake unpaused suggests insiders as we near GTA 6 release.

It seems in this modern era of gaming, for better or worse, beloved classics are continually being remastered or remade with fans eager for a heavy dose of nostalgia.

One such remaster or remake that fans would love to see, is the beloved Rockstar Games' wild west action adventure, Red Dead Redemption. Released in 2010, Red Dead Redemption is not only considered to be one of the GTA’s developers' finest, but one of the best video games of all time.

Along with Grand Theft Auto IV, there were rumours making the rounds that a Red Dead Redemption remaster was in development. Sadly, a later report in July 2022 claimed that both the RDR and GTA IV remasters had been cancelled by Rockstar Games.

At the time of both games reportedly being cancelled, it was believed that the decision was made so that Rockstar Games can go all in on the development of GTA VI. To be fair, that decision would make perfect sense, as disappointing as it might be for Red Dead Redemption fans.

Thankfully, if recent rumours are to be believed, the reportedly cancelled Red Dead Redemption remaster might be back on, that’s at least according to a couple of industry insiders.

In a tweet by Rockstar Games insider, Ben (@videotechx), support was offered to validate information that came from another insider, Zack Zwiezen. Ben who is known for being a somewhat reliable leaker of information, reminded followers that previous information that was sourced from Zach, such as the release of the GTA Trilogy The Definitive Edition, ended up being true.

What’s more, Zach previously claimed that following the woeful launch of the GTA Trilogy The Definitive Edition, it was a reason Rockstar Games had cancelled the rumoured RDR remaster.

However, it is now believed that the Red Dead Redemption remaster was never cancelled, but instead, its development was paused. If true, that will be music to the ears of fans of the wild west series. It’s also worth keeping in mind that Red Dead Redemption had its rating updated on a classification board earlier this month.

Obviously, we should take all unconfirmed rumours with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise, but it's not outside the realms of possibility that reports could be true. We’ll keep you posted should we hear of anything further developments.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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