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Red Dead Redemption fans want a TV series after seeing HBO's TLOU

Red Dead Redemption fans want a TV series after seeing HBO's TLOU

Following the release of The Last of Us HBO, Red Dead Redemption fans have been discussing what they'd want a TV adaptation to look like.

The Last of Us has proven once and for all that adaptations of video games can be good, actually - so long as they follow the source material.

It’s a lot harder to come up with examples of good game adaptations than it is bad ones. Last year alone, Uncharted released in cinemas and failed to impress critics, and the Halo TV series certainly was a thing that happened, complete with an utterly bizarre Master Chief sex scene. So, to see a well-loved game get the treatment it deserves is fantastic - it gives us a glimmer of hope that maybe future TV and film projects won’t be quite so bad.

Curious about what’s coming up next on The Last of Us? Take a look at the trailer below.

Over on Reddit, Red Dead Redemption fans are contemplating what an adaptation of Rockstar’s beloved yeehaw series would be like, and many are totally on board with the idea.

“Obtain the right director, core writing team, top cinematographer and you can have a multi-season series backed by a HBO or Showtime. Find that right cast to fill in the core cast and you have yourself something that can work,” wrote srk_koop. “I’ve been wanting that since I first played it. Think of the actors we could have as the characters,” added Nearby_Lobster_. “I would like to see that, but telling stories from a different era of the [Van der Linde] gang, maybe Arthur and John's youth,” said New_Ad_2338.

Not everyone is convinced, however - some think that the games’ open worlds wouldn’t lend themselves well to an adaptation, while others believe that the titles are good enough already, and don’t need to be turned into anything new. Both are very valid points, but there’s still a huge amount of people who’d love to see Arthur Morgan in glorious live-action form.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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