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Red Dead Redemption 2 gets surprise update you can download today

Red Dead Redemption 2 gets surprise update you can download today

Rockstar drops a surprise update for Red Dead Online players

Rockstar Games has arrived out of the blue with a surprise update available to download for Red Dead Redemption 2 right now.

Although it has been a long while (try not to say this in Arthur’s accent) since Rockstar added new content to Red Dead Redemption 2’s base game, it is still adding regular updates to its Red Dead Online service including one that surprisingly dropped today.

Check out the Red Dead Online trailer below!

Posted to the Rockstar Games news page, this Red Dead Online update promises bonuses for all specialist roles as well as the chance to earn 4x XP on the feature series “and more”.

“From burgeoning Saint Denis to the dusty plains of New Austin, Naturalists are tracking the local wildlife while Collectors unearth rarities to sell for boosted profits”, reads the update.

“Moonshiners are keeping law enforcement on their toes and licensed Bounty Hunters are picking up the slack. At the same time, Traders are charging a premium for wares as demand for pelts is on the rise.”

This means that all the aforementioned deals will be available until 3 June alongside a community outfit “inspired by an iconic scoundrel”.

So it is time to get to work as completing a Moonshine Sale will see you rewarded with Moonshiner Bar Décor Upgrade which will be made even more achievable courtesy of extra XP and Red Dead dollars.

If hunting is more your thing, animal products will earn you more when completing Trader Sales and not only that but you can bag yourself a pair of Calhoun boots.

With multiple jobs and bounties to take on, extra XP and dollars to earn and a whole lot of cosmetic rewards to get your hands on, this new Red Dead Online update is not one to miss out on.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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