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Red Dead Redemption 2 viral mobile ripoff isn't what it seems

Red Dead Redemption 2 viral mobile ripoff isn't what it seems

This Red Dead Redemption 2 viral mobile 'ripoff' isn't what it seems.

If you’ve stopped by the Red Dead Redemption subreddit lately, you may have seen what appears to be a somewhat amusing mobile ripoff that’s causing rather a lot of chatter.

It’s not unusual to see blatant ripoffs of our favourite AAA titles end up online. Earlier this month, The Last of Us fans discovered The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival on the Nintendo eShop. The game described itself as an “intense storyline game set in an apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of ravenous zombies”, while the cover art was a carbon copy of that of Naughty Dog’s actual game. Last year, we had War Gods Zeus of Child, a God of War ripoff, and Rise of the Kings, a copy of The Witcher 3. On Reddit, one fan seemed to stumble across a Red Dead Redemption 2 ripoff but it looks as if someone may be playing a practical joke.

Take a look at some of our favourite Red Dead Redemption 2 wins and fails below.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 ‘ripoff’ mobile app could be seen in an apparent screenshot posted by user GokiPotato. Rather than showcasing yeehaw action though, the app screenshots showed a kind of horse management sim. Fans joked around in the comments. “Rockstar stole the name Red Dead Redemption 2 from this masterpiece smh,” said one user, while another added, “How dare Rockstar steal from this magnificent piece of art.”

Someone is trying to take us for clowns though, because it’s not actually a Red Dead Redemption 2 ripoff at all. That’s not the title. This game is actually Horse Transport Truck Simulator 2016, which perfectly explains why the screenshots contain horses being transported by trucks.

The game tasks players with transporting horses from farms to houses and is available on Apple’s App Store for free. Not quite the app those pesky jokesters were teasing. Don’t believe everything you see on Reddit.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, Imran Sohail

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