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PUBG: Battlegrounds major overhaul free to download now, includes destructible terrain

PUBG: Battlegrounds major overhaul free to download now, includes destructible terrain

Huge overhaul changes up PUBG

PUBG Battlegrounds, the game that arguably created the entire genre of battle royales, is undergoing a bit of an overhaul.

The game has been around for years now and has been slowly evolving much like its rivals in Fornite, Warzone, and Apex Legends. However, this latest update will bring something not seen in battle royales.

PUBG has featured lots of updates in recent years and is still going strong

Update 29.1 will bring with it, not just more brand partnerships, but also destructible terrain since switching to Unreal Engine 5. This was an exciting part of the recent 2024 roadmap and it’s here already, to be experienced with the Rondo map.

Players can now destroy scenery and terrain with a view to either create their own barriers and cover or destroy the cover keeping opponents safe.

You’ll be able to destroy terrain using either a pickaxe melee weapon, certain throwable weapons, or vehicle explosions. Ramming into hills and trees with a vehicle now becomes a viable option.

It’s strange that this is limited to only terrain and doesn’t include buildings, however, there could be a view that PUBG would start to feel more like Fortnite, and if you’ve played any Battlefield, you might be a bit disappointed.

The update also brings with it plenty of balance adjustments and stability for moments when several players are in the same area. You can find more details on the Krafton website and you’ll be able to download the update when you next play.

Will this bring you back to PUBG? Have you been playing it over the years? It seems that, as time wears on, PUBG slips into the background while keeping a core audience. It doesn’t rely on flashy seasonal updates, but because of this it has become a bit of a sleeper hit.

Hopefully, the rest of the 2024 roadmap brings with it more excitement and energy to players.

Featured Image Credit: PUBG Corporation

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