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PS5 update adds genuinely game-changing feature for DualSense controllers

PS5 update adds genuinely game-changing feature for DualSense controllers

It's a wonder that this wasn't something the controller could do out of the box.

Two years from the launch of the PlayStation 5, the DualSense is still an amazing addition to the new-gen gameplay experience. Astro's Playroom is an effervescent adventure showcasing the way that different surfaces can be recreated by the tiny vibrations inside the controller, and bigger games haven't forgotten how these features can be writ large by what's going on amidst the action.

Playing A Plague Tale: Requiem on PS5, the swing of Amicia's arm as she shoots a rock at an enemy causes the adaptive triggers to wobble with the simulated physics of the throw. And, hearing Julianna's voice come out of the controller's speaker pulls the player closer to the Deathloop conspiracy, as well as allowing her cruel disrespect to Colt to truly shine. While all of these things are astonishing, there's one aggravation with the DualSense that has finally been ironed out with the latest update.

Check out the DualSense Edge, the newest evolution on the original gizmo, here!

I know I'm not alone when I say I put off the regular updates to the controller that pop up occasionally before you get to the console's home menu. I just want to play the games, plus I'd need to unearth my USB-C cable from the box of techy things, and how important are those changes?

Fortunately, the latest update that was announced on 2 February will let the controller update itself wirelessly. The fact that this wasn't a feature out of the box for the PS5 is a little mystifying but it is here now. Including this improvement, players will also be able to use Discord on their PS5s, switch to a variable refresh rate for 1440p resolution, and benefit from streamlined save data migration between PS4 and PS5.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Warner Bros. Pictures

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