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PS5 users can grab a popular new free game, no PS Plus required

PS5 users can grab a popular new free game, no PS Plus required

PS5 owners can get their hands on a free action-sport game right now, and you don't need PS Plus.

Roll up, roll up. It’s time to make that backlog of yours even harder to conquer, thanks to a new free PS5 game that you don’t need PS Plus to claim.

Speaking of PS Plus though, May’s three free Essential-tier games are available right now. Subscribers can get their hands on GRID Legends, Chivalry II and Descenders. Admittedly, it’s not the most exciting selection we’ve had this year - upon their announcement, many branded the games as “trash”, and concluded that this is the “weakest month of the year”. However, others defended Chivalry II as a “gem”, so if you’re going to give any of May’s games a go, let it be that one.

If you’re yet to try the action-adventure Tchia, which released on PS Plus Extra back in March, you’re missing out. Take a look below.

Anyway, back to the new game in question, and as ComicBook reports, it’s seriously come out of nowhere. Omega Strikers is a multiplayer action-sport game which is totally free to play - 3v3 teams duke it out against each other in an arena, and must score as many goals as possible before time is up. It first landed on Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices late last month, and is eventually set to arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and Series X/S too, but today, it’s PS5 owners who are in luck.

“Smash opponents off the arena and score goals in this lightning-fast 3v3 footbrawler,” the game’s synopsis reads on Steam. “Sling slimes, toss tofu, and rocket boost to victory as one of 15+ stylish Strikers. Squad up with friends and outplay your rivals to become an Omega Striker.”

Even though PS Plus isn’t a requirement, if you do happen to have an active subscription, you can unlock all of the characters for free, which is really neat. Be sure to give it a whirl.

Featured Image Credit: Totte Annerbrink via Unsplash, Tamara Bitter via Unsplash, Sony

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