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Pokémon launches official forums, users immediately start discussing which Pokémon they want to bang

Pokémon launches official forums, users immediately start discussing which Pokémon they want to bang

Pokémon fans are discussing which Pokémon they'd like to bang following the launch of the official forum.

Well, here’s an article that I never thought I’d be writing, one that is about fan’s lustful feelings towards Pokémon

We all know that the world can be a wonderful, but very weird place and today’s story certainly jumps head first into the latter. We’re not here to judge, but seriously, some have desires to ‘bang’ Pokémon. Please, take me off this planet now.

As reported by Nintendo Life, The Pokémon Company recently launched an official forum where fans of the beloved franchise can get together and talk all things Pokémon. One would assume the forum would be used for battle tactics, where and how to capture the best Pokémon, keeping up-to-date with the latest news, and just fans’ general love for the IP.

However, when I say “love”, I’m talking about the wholesome variety and not the kind that involves buying breakfast in the morning. Unfortunately, the ‘General’ section of the forum is a bit of a wildfire at the moment. Sure, there are friendly topics being discussed, but so too is the discussion of what Pokémon is the hottest, which of course evolves into a discussion of an adult nature.

We can laugh at the weirdness that is the internet, but if you’re a parent that has a child that is into Pokémon, until the forums are cleaned up with a heavy dose of moderation, you may want to have them avoid the forums in the immediate future.

In more family-friendly Pokémon news, be sure to check out our interview with the one and only Veronica Taylor, who is of course the legendary voice of Ash Ketchum. Oh and if you’re into Pokémon TCG, you might be interested in our exclusive Obsidian Flames reveal.

Later this year, fans will be looking forward to the launch of Detective Pikachu 2 for coming to Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokémon Company

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