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PlayStation users excluded from one of this year's biggest free downloads

PlayStation users excluded from one of this year's biggest free downloads

There's a Payday 3 open beta happening this weekend, ahead of the game's release but PlayStation users are excluded from the event.

Excited for Payday 3? Us too. The good news is that the game’s beta weekend is just around the corner. It’s completely free to join, but there is one catch. You can only join if you’re an Xbox or PC user as the beta isn’t launching on PlayStation.

Back in June, we had the opportunity to preview Payday 3. GAMINGbible’s very own Will wrote, “Payday 3 has loads of customisation, from weapons to your intimidating mask or the clothes you wear - almost everything can be changed. There’s an extensive progression system with countless unlockables and weapon upgrades [...] Payday 3 raises the stakes in every way. Rushing out of a bank with a huge duffel bag full of Benjamins while intense music vibrates your eardrums never gets old - in the game, of course.” The game is finally set to release on 21 September on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, but only PC and Xbox users can sample the game ahead of time.

Take a look at Payday 3 in action below.

Deep Silver and Starbreeze are holding an open beta event for Payday 3 from Friday 8 September to Monday 11 September. It’s due to feature one heist for players to sample and anyone can join in, provided you have an Xbox or PC. So yes, don’t worry if you haven’t pre-ordered the game.

As reported by GameSpot, the beta is based on a version of the game from April 2023 so it is “not a final representation of the game”. Still, it should give you a flavour of it while allowing the devs to iron out any kinks.

The heist is titled ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ and sees players try and break into a bank vault. Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf are the characters involved. All difficulties are available to play although there is a level cap of 22 and a weapon level progression cap of 8. Progress will not carry on over into the full game. Dive in this weekend!

Featured Image Credit: Deep Silver

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