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PlayStation quietly confirms major PS5 sequel

PlayStation quietly confirms major PS5 sequel

PlayStation and Guerrilla have officially confirmed that a third entry in the Horizon franchise is in the works.

PlayStation have just confirmed a major PS5 sequel right under our noses. It felt like a given but we now know that a third entry in the Horizon series is officially on the way - and I for one, am thrilled.

It’s no secret here at GAMINGbible HQ that I’m a major fan of the franchise. It’s an odd one because commercially, Horizon is hugely successful and yet, dare I say it feels underrated? Horizon Forbidden West and Burning Shores have both pushed the PS5’s capabilities further than any other game has. On top of that, they’re both packed with stellar gameplay, great world design, and a compelling narrative and yet, there’s still a lack of fanfare. Regardless though, Horizon 3 is on the way, Guerilla has now confirmed.

Take a look at Burning Shores in action below.

It’s been revealed that Guerrilla’s studio director Angie Smets has been promoted to head of development strategy at PlayStation Studios. It was whilst announcing this news that Guerrilla let slip info on the future of the Horizon franchise. They wrote that the new studio head will “steer Guerrilla towards a bright future, expanding the world of Horizon with Aloy’s next adventure and our exciting online project.”

There you have it. Forbidden West did clearly set up a sequel, introducing the series’ final big bad, Nemesis. By the end of Burning Shores (I’ll keep it brief for spoilers sake), Aloy and Sylens have a much better idea about what Nemesis entails and how they might be able to go about finding a way to take it down, so seeing a third Horizon actually confirmed is simply what we expected. Guerrilla have also referenced the project in recent job listings.

It’s unknown where Horizon 3 is in the development cycle. Burning Shores clearly set up Sylens’ role in the story but this is likely to change due to actor Lance Reddick’s recent tragic passing. I’m almost certain that we’ll see more of Sekya who is an utter asset to the franchise. I can’t wait to see where Aloy heads next.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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