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PlayStation Plus free game has already lost 94% of players

PlayStation Plus free game has already lost 94% of players

PlayStation Plus free game has already lost a whopping 94% of its players.

PlayStation Plus free game has already lost a whopping 94% of its players.

Whichever of the three tiers you may subscribe to, PS Plus offers its customers a variety of games to play each month at no additional cost. Having the choice of PS Essential, Extra and Premium, the higher the tier, the more games you get to choose from. Though each tier offers online gaming as well as other additional subscriber perks.

PlayStation Plus can also be a launch pad for fantastic indie games. Titles such as Stray and the more recent Humanity have benefited from Sony’s subscription-based service. One other game that launched on PS Plus is Meet Your Maker from Dead by Daylight developer, Behaviour Interactive.

Meet Your Maker is an unusual game and something that can be considered somewhat different to what we’re used to. Meet Your Maker is described as a first-person shooter with a level editor that you can play with others or raid somebody else. It also features roguelike mechanics and is perhaps inspired by the likes of DOOM and Minecraft.

I certainly remember there being a decent amount of hype prior to the launch of Meet Your Maker launching on PS Plus, despite it not being my cup of tea. However, since its release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox in April 2023, it’s seemingly gone a little quiet, and there could be a good reason why.

As reported by, it’s reported that just two months after its launch, Meet Your Maker has lost 94% of its players from PS5 and PS4, which comes from a pool of 2.9 million players with active PSN accounts.

While the PlayStation numbers are restricted to a specific platform, the PC numbers don’t read all that much better either. According to SteamDB, Meet Your Maker has an all-time concurrent player peak of 3,308, which in itself, isn't all that great, to begin with. Unfortunately, it gets worse when you consider recent data. At the time of writing, Meet Your Maker only has a 24-hour peak of 117 players with just 61 players gaming right now.

It’s by no means the most dramatic fall from grace in a short period of time, but for a game that relies on an active online player base, it’s not looking good.

Meet Your Maker is out now for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Will Meet Your Maker still be around a year from now or will it be meeting its own maker in the coming months? Only time will tell.

In related news, the PlayStation Plus Essential games for June 2023 were recently announced. However, the PS Plus June 2023 offerings are not without controversy, as players are refusing to download a game due to its massive file size.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/WWE

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