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PlayStation Plus first free game for November 2023 confirmed

PlayStation Plus first free game for November 2023 confirmed

PlayStation Plus first free game for November 2023 confirmed

Sony are looking ahead by announcing the first game that will be heading to the PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue in November.

The game in question is Teardown, a demolition heist adventure from the developers at Tuxedo Labs. Arriving to the PlayStation 5 on 15 November, it will be available on day one for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members. In an announcement on the official PlayStation blog, Tuxedo Labs CEO Marcus Dawson took the opportunity to share news on Teardown’s upcoming campaign expansion and new game modes.

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According to Dawson, the campaign will feature 40 levels “that challenge your creativity and logic”. Each level will challenge players with a main task as well as a set of bonus challenges and they must use the tools and weapons at their disposal to get the job done against the clock. Although they will have time to plan their strategy, some unexpected obstacles may get in their way.

Teardown will also feature a freeform Sandbox Mode which allows players to explore all unlocked maps without limitations. “And within Sandbox Mode, you’ll find Creative Mode, which flips the script on Teardown, and offers you the chance to build up”, Dawson explains. “Using all sorts of materials and building tools, you’ll get the opportunity to construct your own buildings, sculptures, foliage, and more – and then, if you wish, destroy that too.”

Last but not least, Teardown’s launch will also be released alongside the Time Campers DLC. Set in the wild west, the expansion will add a brand-new storyline that takes players back in time and equipping them with old fashioned tools and weapons. This will be the first of many planned DLCs for Teardown including its Folkrace DLC which arrives in spring 2024.

For those who are looking for something to play before November, Sony recently announced three new games heading to PlayStation Plus this October. They include The Callisto Protocol, Farming Simulator 22 and Weird West.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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