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PlayStation 5's new translucent faceplates are giving major N64 vibes

PlayStation 5's new translucent faceplates are giving major N64 vibes

These translucent PS5 faceplates bring a nostalgic retro flair to Sony's new-gen console, and we're in love.

One of the greatest underrated features of the PS5 is the fact that you can remove its side plates without breaking everything. Not to have a naked PS5, obviously, but so that you can customise your console with a multitude of different colours without having to splash a load of cash on a whole new device.

Although there’s only a limited number of official PS5 console covers available right now (the blue and purple ones slap, it needs to be said), as reported by Digital Trends, device customisation company Dbrand has just unveiled a new line of translucent ‘darkplates’, which are just as nostalgic as you’d imagine.

Take a look at this awesome custom hydrodipped PS5 cover being made below.

There are four variants of translucent darkplates available - you can grab them in Fire Orange, Ice Blue, Atomic Purple and Smoke Black. With every single one of them, you’re able to peek at the PS5’s internal components, just like you could with the translucent N64 and Game Boys of old. In fact, the blue, black and orange darkplates even have the exact same names as the variants of Nintendo's retro home console, so the company isn't trying to hide its inspiration.

Admittedly, if you want to add some retro flair to your PS5, it won’t come cheap. You can currently grab any of the colours from the Dbrand website for $84 (that’s down from $104). Additionally, for an extra fee of $15.95, you can get some new lightstrips for the console to change its LED colours.

There’s no doubt that they’re super cool - I for one fully support the resurgence of translucent technology. The recently released limited edition Starfield Xbox controller (which might just be the prettiest Xbox controller on the market right now) boasts transparent trigger buttons, which look awesome - let’s hope it starts a bit of a trend.

Featured Image Credit: Dbrand

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