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PlayStation 5 Is Now Officially More Popular Than Nintendo GameCube

PlayStation 5 Is Now Officially More Popular Than Nintendo GameCube

Sales of Sony's PlayStation 5 have officially overtaken the lifetime sales of Nintendo's GameCube.

Gone are the days of the console wars, which we now know were stoked by Xbox, but it’s still fun from time to time to see how our favourite consoles are selling. It’s still pretty hard to actually get your hands on a chunky PlayStation 5 but stocks are steadily increasing, and it means that PS5 sales have now overtaken a hugely popular classic Nintendo console.

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According to VGChartz, the PlayStation 5 has officially taken over Nintendo’s GameCube in the all-time sales charts. It’s believed that Sony has shifted around 21.83 million PS5 units worldwide as of 30 July, whereas the GameCube has a lifetime sales total of 21.74 million.

This means that the PS5 is now the twentieth best-selling console of all time. If it wants to move up another rank on the table, it’s going to have to beat the original Xbox’s 24.65 million sales which, given time, looks perfectly achievable. Following that, it’ll have to beat the Atari 2600 which has 30 million sales and the Nintendo 64 with its 32.93 million sales.

Unsurprisingly, the most PS5 units were sold in North America. North America is responsible for an estimated 8.69 million units, with a further 7.88 million sold in Europe, 1.81 million in Japan, and 3.45 million across other territories. The GameCube had a much wider North American reach, shifting 12.55 million units, but it only sold 4.44 million consoles across Europe. The PS5 shortages prove that demand is still there so I’m sure Sony’s sales figures will only continue to skyrocket.

Featured Image Credit: Dennis Cortes, Pawel Durczok via UnSplash

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