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Xbox's new console design is being roasted by gamers

Xbox's new console design is being roasted by gamers

The cylindrical design of the refreshed Xbox Series X is being roasted by fans.

Yesterday was undoubtedly a chaotic day for Microsoft and Xbox, after we bore witness to the largest leak in the games industry since the Grand Theft Auto VI development footage leak in September 2022.

In case you missed it, a file of documents used during Microsoft’s trial against the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) was incorrectly classified meaning what should’ve remained a secret, quickly became available for all to see online. We discovered that Microsoft attempted to acquire Nintendo, Bethesda is working on a remaster of Fallout 3, plus a next-gen Xbox is planned for 2028. It’s not the only new Xbox on the way. Project ‘Brooklin’ is set to release next year, alongside a brand new controller that looks a lot like a DualSense. Brooklin is described as a mid-gen Xbox Series X refresh but fans aren’t wholly convinced of the console’s unique design.

Take a look at our video review for Starfield below.

Brooklin is set to feature a new sleek curved design. While it’s a refresh of the Series X, it is missing one major Series X feature: a disc drive. Brooklin is set to match and improve on the power of the Series X, but it’ll be a digital-only console like the Series S. It’ll retail for $499 and will feature an extra 2TB of storage, faster Wi-Fi, 100% recyclable packaging, plus PSU power has been reduced by 15% while low-power standby mode now uses 20% less power than it previously did on the Series X.

There are a lot of features to be excited about, but fans are just not convinced by the design - taking to Reddit to share their thoughts. “It is no longer a box, but a cylinder. X Cylinder Series X,” wrote VViilliiam, later adding, “Looks like Alexa has gotten herself a boyfriend.” User brondonschwab added, “The Series X refresh looks like an air purifier lmao.”

“I hate this so much, I will never go digital,” said The-Choo-Choo-Shoe. The digital-only aspect of the refresh concerned many fans. While it makes perfect sense to have the disc drive Series X and the digital Series S, many are concerned that the new Brooklin spells a shift from Xbox of digital only going forwards. The console is set to launch next year. Naturally, it will eventually receive an official reveal.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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