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Xbox next-gen console surfaces, confirms PlayStation 6 release date rumours

Xbox next-gen console surfaces, confirms PlayStation 6 release date rumours

The next generation of consoles is coming in 2028, following the leaks of new Xbox consoles and the PlayStation 6.

The next generation of consoles is seemingly coming in 2028, following leaks of new Xbox consoles and the PlayStation 6.

Xbox is making some ambitious moves in the gaming industry. Fresh from its ongoing acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it’s now got its sights set on Nintendo as its next merger. Not only that, the company has also got a new console releasing in 2024 and is currently planning the next generation of consoles for a 2028 release.

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Recent leaks suggest Xbox has several consoles planned for release in a few years, following a similar format to its Xbox Series line-up, which offers different console options varying in power and price.

The variations offer more opportunities for consumers to get their hands on a next-gen console and reportedly give developers options when it comes to designing new games.

A recent tweet on the situation featured a quote from Kevin Gammill, corporate vice president of gaming ecosystems, who believes a multi-model approach for consoles is the future of the industry. They said: "We have already started this journey with Xbox One and Xbox One X, furthering it in Series S/X … We need to be even more flexible going forward with Gen 10, but also provide the ability for creators to take advantage of unique hardware capabilities."

That being said, other leaks suggest future Xbox consoles could become “Cloud-Hybrid”, meaning the games would require some form of online connection in order to be playable.

Interestingly, the recent leaks seemingly confirm the PlayStation 6 is due for release in 2028 as well. This was a rumour a few weeks ago but if the next generation of Xbox consoles is being prepared for 2028, it’s not a far cry to suggest the PS6 will follow closely behind, or possibly release before then.

As always, we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Microsoft and Sony on the future of console gaming.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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