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Xbox planning to release a new console in 2024 with a wild new design

Xbox planning to release a new console in 2024 with a wild new design

A document used in the Microsoft vs FTC trial has leaked online, showcasing a brand new Xbox console set to release next year.

Whoops. Xbox just suffered a major document leak amidst its ongoing scrap with the Federal Trade Commission, with one document in particular revealing that the company is set to release a brand new console in 2024 featuring a sleek new design.

If you’re thinking, ‘Didn’t Microsoft win their case against the FTC earlier this year?’ They certainly did. Back in July, judge Jacqueline Scott Corley denied the FTC’s preliminary injunction request in what was a major success for Microsoft following the decision from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to block the deal. The issue is now that the FTC is appealing the loss, prompting a potential fresh round of legal proceedings. Amidst all of that, several documents used during the trial have now leaked online, including one that reveals a brand new Xbox console.

Take a look at our video review of the recent Xbox release Starfield below.

According to the leaked document, the upcoming console is codenamed ‘Brooklin’ and will launch next year in 2024. It’s described as an ‘Xbox Series X refresh’, featuring a new curved, compact design. The document reads, “Brooklin will deliver 4K Gen9 console gaming with more internal storage, faster Wi-Fi, reduced power, a more immersive controller and a beautiful redesign that elevates the all-digital experience of the Xbox ecosystem.”

The document further details that Brooklin will include an extra 2TB of internal storage, a USB-C port with power delivery, a new immersive controller (which looks a lot like a DualSense), all for the ‘same great price’ of $499. PSU power has been reduced by 15%, plus there’s a new low-power standby mode which uses 20% of what the current Series X uses in standby mode. The console also comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

That’s not all. There’s an ‘all-new southbridge to modernise IO and sustainability efforts, Wi-Fi 6E radio for better throughput, latency, and interference mitigation, BT 5.2 radio for improved accessory experiences, [and] 6nm die shrink for improved efficiency.”

As I said, it’s being deemed as a Series X refresh, but the new console actually has one major feature missing - a disc drive. Brooklin is, like the Series S, set to be a completely digital console so while you’ll benefit from upgraded technologies, you will lose access to being able to use physical media. It’s expected that Xbox will unveil the console at an upcoming showcase, whether that be later this year or in early 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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