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Xbox Series X/S drops 2 absolute bangers for free for select users

Xbox Series X/S drops 2 absolute bangers for free for select users

You can claim these Xbox Series X/S bangers for free.

Who doesn't love free video games? Well of course you do, otherwise, why would you be here reading this article?

There are many great games to choose from on Xbox, especially if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass. But what if you could claim free games without having to subscribe to Microsoft’s service? Well, that is what’s happening for some select Xbox gamers right now.

Check out the Hotline Miami Collection trailer below!

As reported by, it seems that some lucky Xbox gamers can claim indie classic Hotline Miami and its sequel, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for free. Developed by Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital, the original game in this series scored in the high 80s on Metacritic, while its sequel faired a little less in the 70s. Nonetheless, claiming both of these fantastic titles at no cost whatsoever is not to be sniffed at.

Hotline Miami is a high-octane action game overflowing with raw brutality, hard-boiled gunplay and skull-crushing close combat. Set in an alternative 1989 Miami, you will assume the role of a mysterious antihero on a murderous rampage against the shady underworld at the behest of voices on your answering machine,” reads the synopsis for the original game.

As for the sequel, it reads: “Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is the brutal conclusion to the Hotline Miami saga, set against a backdrop of escalating violence and retribution over spilt blood in the original game. Follow the paths of several distinct factions – each with their own questionable methods and uncertain motivations – as unforeseen consequences intersect and reality once again slips back into a brilliant haze of neon and bloodshed.”

Comicbook reports that if some users visit the Xbox Marketplace, if you're lucky, there will be no cost for downloading either game. What’s more, each comes with free Xbox Series X/S upgrades. However, if you find that you have to pay to play these games, they come in at a modest £8.39 and £12.79 respectively or just £16.74 for the bundled collection.

Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number are out now on platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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