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Xbox One was quietly killed off and nobody noticed

Xbox One was quietly killed off and nobody noticed

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It’s not often we don’t hear or read about a significant death in the industry, but, on occasion, such news slips past us.

Shocking as it may be to hear, Microsoft quietly killed off the Xbox One without anyone really noticing. As an Xbox fan, I’m both ashamed and saddened that I didn’t realise this grave news sooner, though, let’s be honest, a lot has happened since its official death.

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According to Microsoft, production of the Xbox One stopped in 2020. Its death came at a time when Sony made it clear it would continue production of the PS4 well into 2022 to tackle the struggle that we all faced trying to buy the then-new PS5.

Such a saga going on in the background, yet few of us even noticed – we were too busy gaming to realise that the One had slipped away, never to be made again. The resurgence of the news of its passing comes during a time when fans are hardly pleased with Xbox, chiefly because of a potential mass deletion gamers had to face earlier in January.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, according to The Loadout, Xbox Game Pass offered significantly fewer free games than PS Plus, with Sony delivering over $7,000 worth of content compared to Microsoft’s $5,000. This is in dispute with reports from other sources which claimed it was Xbox that came out on top, but the fact remains that Xbox seems to be flagging a little.

We know that some of you will likely be looking at your Xbox One worryingly, wondering how long yours has before it meets others of its kind in the great gaming farm beyond. It’s a hard realisation to know that the end of an era has come, but it’s even harder to realise we missed it almost entirely.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, Paramount Global

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