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Xbox's latest free game announcement has left fans confused and annoyed

Xbox's latest free game announcement has left fans confused and annoyed

Black Ops 6's arrival on Game Pass isn't totally straight-forward

Many said it wouldn’t happen but Xbox’s Phil Spencer has proved us all wrong. Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will indeed arrive as a day one launch on Game Pass.

The only problem is, how much of the game you’ll gain access to differs depending on which tier you subscribe to.

If you access Game Pass on an Xbox console more so than PC, you’ll need to subscribe to the Ultimate tier if you want to enjoy all that Black Ops 6 has to offer.

That includes the multiplayer campaign and Zombies.

If you subscribe to the standard Console option, Activision has confirmed that the lack of online access will prohibit users from accessing multiplayer and Zombies, so these users will just be able to play the single-player campaign.

If you subscribe to the Core tier, you won’t be able to access Black Ops 6 at all as this tier does not benefit from day one launches.

Over on PC, you’ll need PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It’s all rather confusing but essentially, you’ll need to be paying out for the top tiers if you want to enjoy the full-breadth of the release.

This includes accessing the beta period which, again, will require a Ultimate or PC Game Pass subscription.

Take a look at Call of Duty: Black Ops 6’s campaign trailer below.

When you think it all through, it makes sense. Given the Core tier’s very limited catalogue, it was highly unlikely Black Ops 6 was ever going to drop in this tier on day one.

That being said, when you simply hear the words ‘coming to Game Pass’, you can forgive fans for getting their hopes up before reading the small print.

All in all, it sounds like Black Ops 6 is shaping up to be a stellar instalment - especially now that we know the game’s file size isn’t as enormous as originally leaked.

It’s been revealed that the game will bring back OG round-based Zombies in addition to Theater Mode and classic Prestige.

If you ask me, it sounds as if they’re bringing back everything that made CoD great which can only be a huge win.

We’re yet to get a full look at the multiplayer mode in action but we will do so on 28 August when the latest Call of Duty NEXT event is held.

Featured Image Credit: Activision, Microsoft

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