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Xbox gamers stunned by hidden controller feature that'll make your life way easier

Xbox gamers stunned by hidden controller feature that'll make your life way easier

These useful features are easily missed

It would be nice to think that we already know all there is to know about our chosen console but thanks to some recent life hacks, using an Xbox is about to get even easier.

Shared over on Reddit, one user asked for any Xbox life hacks and fans of the brand were quick to share theirs, especially regarding Xbox's controllers.

Check out the Xbox Series S below!

One person said, “Not a console hack but a controller one. Switch between two Bluetooth connections by double tapping the pair button. For example your console and PC”.

This means that if you decide to play a title with your controller linked to a PC or mobile device, it will be a lot easier to connect to Bluetooth without heading into settings and manually pairing each time.

Another user recommended heading into Settings > TV Settings > Dark Mode as a way to dim the lights on the Xbox controller and console.

Although both of these life hacks were shared by an Xbox One user, we can assume they will also work on newer Xbox models such as the Xbox Series X/S.

These life hacks will save you a bit of time and are both features that are easily missed if you don’t play around with the console’s settings too much.

In related news, Xbox has recently dropped a stunning freebie you have until 31 May to grab.

Not only that but June’s Xbox Game Pass library is set to receive one of the biggest upcoming RPGs so this is the perfect time to make sure you are subscribed to the service so you can get your hands on day-one releases such as this.

Not to mention, members will also gain access to Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 when it releases later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox

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